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Direct Sales Business Binder Template Kit

Direct Sales Business Binder Template Kit

$ 35.00

Stay organized with your Direct Sales business.  This kit is a "must have" for those serious about taking their biz to the next level! This is the "Grand-Mama" of them all ..........

Direct Sales Business Binder Template Kit Includes:

  • 39 Full Color Templates (in Editable PDF)
  • 38 Black and White Templates (in Editable PDF)
  • 38 Simplified Black and White Templates (in WORD)
  • Where appropriate, a motivational quote is featured at the bottom of each template.

39 Templates Include:

  1. Cover Page Insert – Print this off and put it on the cover of the 3-Ring Binder
  2. Matching Back Cover Page Insert – For the back of the 3-Ring Binder (full-color only)
  3. Spine Tab Inserts – Print these off to place in the spine of the 3-Ring Binder so the binder can be found on a bookshelf. 2 pages. In both 1/2″ and 1″ sizes.
  4. My Daily Planner – Comes with the following fields: business to-do, household to-do, marketing goals, to call, appointments, money spent, money earned and a place to check off the goal of drinking 8 cups of water for the day
  5. Weekly Goals – Planner for weekly sales, party, and recruiting goals. Also has a thought provoking question series to keep focused on business each week.
  6. Weekly Planner – Simple blank weekly calendar format planning page.
  7. Monthly Planner – Simple blank monthly calendar format planning page.
  8. Monthly Stats – Record, daily, for a running total each month,  phone calls made, parties and opportunity meetings booked, new recruits, sales, expenses, profit, and mood. Easy way to see accomplishments at a glance.
  9. Yearly Planner – Month by month list to fill in with goals each year. Where do you want to be 12 months from now? Write it and DO IT!
  10. Party Hostesses (3 Ring Binder) – Record contact info, party details, flyer mailing schedule (make sure to mail monthly fliers/new catalogs on a regular basis), mystery hostess invites, and anniversary invites (invite prior hostesses to book a new party every 6 months)
  11. Party Hostesses (Index Card) – Don’t like the binder format? Keep track of hostesses in a 3×5 index card box. Print this form on cardstock and they fit right in!
  12. Hostess Coaching Planner – Keep track of hostess coaching goals! Fields for pre-party coaching, pre-party planning, and post-party follow-up. Use these ideas or edit the file to include your own.
  13. My Future Hostess Warm List – Write down 100 people who need to book a party. Now call them!
  14. Lead Tracker (3 Ring Binder) – Record information from leads and follow up with them!
  15. Lead Tracker (Index Card) – Same thing, different format. Use what meets YOUR needs.
  16. My Business Partner Warm List – Write down 100 people you know who you feel would make an awesome addition to your team. Call them!
  17. Guest Follow Up (3 Ring Binder) – Keep contact info for guests so that you can mail out flyers, invite them to mystery hostess parties, and increase your sales.
  18. Guest Follow Up (Index Card) – Same info, different format.
  19. My Downline- Keep track of your new downline members and their preferred contact/support methods.
  20. Team Incentives – Do you offer incentives to your downline each month? If not, why? Its a great way to keep people motivated! Record your plans/results here.
  21. Fundraiser Coaching Planner – Keep track of coaching your organization before, during, and after the event.
  22. Fundraiser Contacts (3 Ring Binder) – Keep track of all your prior fundraising contacts so that you can offer them another event in 6 months or a year. Remember, these organizations need frequent fundraisers!
  23. Fundraiser Contacts (index card) – Same info, different format.
  24. Master Fundraiser Tracker – Keep track of what events you have going, who to contact, and more.
  25. My Fundraiser Warm List – Write down 100 people you know who need a fundraiser. Next, go through and contact them!
  26. Expense Tracker – Quick page to write down what you spend your money on.
  27. Order Tracker – What orders do you have out there? How many orders have you placed this month, quarter, or year? Track it all quick and easy with this form.
  28. Mileage Tracker – Your business miles are tax deductible! Don’t forget to write them down!
  29. Inventory on Hand – Keep track of exactly what items you have for cash and carry, or promotions.
  30. Advertising Tracker – Where are you listed? What is the cost? Is it working? Don’t get surprised by any automatic charges you’ve forgotten about!
  31. Online Password Manager – Never forget your passwords again! Also useful to print off and include in your safe in case something happens to you and your spouse/family needs to get into your accounts.
  32. Gifts and Donations – Do you do charity events? How about dropping off free product for a fundraiser? Or even offering free product for those who take advantage of an opportunity meeting. If you give it away, keep track of it here.
  33. Business Idea Sketchpad – Print off a few of these for notes, doodles, ideas, and more.
  34. Notes – Matching note page to print off.
  35. Invoice – Generic back up invoice for use when you run out of company invoices, or need one for something else.
  36. Gift Certificate Template – Customize YOU!
  37. Fish Bowl Template – So how do you get contact information from potential leads? Well, you do a drawing! At your next event, make sure you put out the old “fish bowl”. Use this template as an entry form for a giveaway for some of your products. Leads write right on the form what they are interested in: more info, a party, an opportunity, etc. No guessing games!

This is a digital/printable product.

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